children's class of 2017

Gail Szucs

Most Likely to Have the Answer

Buffalo-native, Gail Szucs, has called the Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo home for 41 years. From her early years working in the NICU/PICU, to becoming the Manager of Maternity Services to — most recently in 2001 — taking the role of Manager of Rehab Services, Gail has touched the lives of tens of thousands of women and children across Western New York. Her connection to the hospital runs deep — having experienced the joy of life with the birth of four children, and the grief of loss as she said goodbye to her infant son — all within the hospital walls.

Questions & Answers with Gail Szucs

I am most looking forward to the beautiful space and the convenience of having all outpatient clinics under one roof.

The hospital has changed so much over the years. Not only aesthetically — where we had wallpaper coating the walls and no air conditioning, but from a service line perspective. We've grown from a small children's hospital consisting of family doctors and pediatricians to a comprehensive health care facility with great clinic services for every specialty area.

I want our hospital to set a benchmark for all children's hospitals across the United States. To be the best, comprehensive care facility.

I want to be remembered for treating everyone around me with the same love and respect — saying hello to everyone I encounter — from the president of Kaleida, to a patient I have yet to meet.

I have so many wonderful memories over the years, but one that stands out in my mind is watching Dr. Subramanian — a world-renowned heart doctor — pull up a hospital bed and lay beside patients to ease their fears as they were coming out of anesthesia after a surgery.

Never forget the people behind the front lines. Without the help of the lab technicians, nurses and administrative staff, nothing would be possible.