The lobby is the first and most important space of any establishment in which new clients, future and current employees walk through every morning. It creates the first impression about your business and your personality as well. We should not let the first impression go wrong and we must put in our best efforts in planning the design of the reception area.

Comfort and sophistication are some words that describe a lobby area. You must also try to attempt to get these features at the forefront when you are creating the reception design for your office, whether you are building a new establishment or redesigning an old one.

Entrance mats and carpets are a very important addition to the lobby design. Customized premium carpet logo mats can just be the perfect start to redesign the office lobby. Let these mats from Ultimate Mats speak themselves and create an amazing first impression about you and your brand. You can choose the size and color of the mat and also chose the right branding style that would harmoniously fit with the rest of the infrastructure of the reception area of your office.

Designing tips for the reception area

While designing the office lobby area, we need to take care of the following features that can create a lobby that is both attractive and gives the perfect amount of brand awareness to anyone who walks in for the first time:

Seating area/Furniture:

  • The best way to design the seating area is to ask an outsider friend. They will be able to tell you the flaws in comfort and appearance better.
  • The furniture must be comfortable but also practically spaced to leave room for easy movement.
  • For a more sleek finish that stays good for longer, use leather chairs and granite desks, and a coffee table.

Use of glass divider in the office reception area:

  • These provide privacy to hold important discussions.
  • Use half-height dividers to create a sense of more open space while still maintaining room for privacy.
  • Ensure that the reception desk is large enough to allow for a well-maintained, organized, clutter-free, and efficient space.

Work on branding:

  • As soon as someone new walks in the doors of your office, they should get a feel of your business values.
  • Adding a prominent company logo right at the entrance by using textures and lightings could add that extra spark for effective branding.
  • Keep it professional and choose colors that are in harmony with the rest of the lobby area.


  • Make space for natural light to brighten the space.
  • Add big windows and some plants to create a soothing effect. This will also portray that your company is environmentally friendly and cares about its preservation.
  • Only add wall scones or soft lighting to create spotlights in appropriate area.

You can also mount a television in the reception area for visitors if there are long waiting time involved. Adding small accessories like media clippings related to your company, bottled water, some magazines or other reading materials would set a room for a great first impression while the clients wait to meet you for discussing important business deals.

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