Everyone loves remodeling as it brings a way to become creative and make a space for ourselves in which we can live the best version of our lives. To finish your home remodel in elegance, you might want to change your door handles as well.

The knob or door handle, as well as any other latch and locking devices, make up the hardware system of any door. It can also include a lockset, whether a traditional latch system is placed or highly advanced smart locking systems are in place. Hardware finish and styles must be carefully selected to enhance the overall appearance of the house.

They must also be cost-effective so that the money you invest results in better functioning and higher durability hardware than a cheap product that needs frequent replacement and brings down the looks of your house.

Emtek is a premium brand supplying smart locks and beautifully crafted door hardware. At Access Residential Hardware, you can find a huge display of Emtek door hardware. From hinges to deadbolts, from handle sets to keyless entry sets, they have premium quality hardware for all purposes and preferences of their clients. They provide an easy online system for placing orders and their domestic shipping within the USA reaches the clients at very fast speeds.

Varieties that you can find while exploring the door handles

  1. Door handles with lever mechanism:
  2. These are the most prevalent forms of doorknobs seen in homes, businesses, and government buildings.
  3. Backplate and Rose are the two main categories of lever handles.
  4. Traditionally, the lever handle is used to sit on a backplate.
  5. Latch, lock, and lever bathroom are different operating mechanisms on which these handles work.
  6. Knobs:
  7. Round knobs that can be rotated anti-clockwise or clockwise have largely replaced lever handles nowadays, especially on internal doors.
  8. These are also used as decorative features for both internal and external doors in many households.
  9. Pull door handles:
  10. There are no latches or latch strikes required.
  11. They’re ideal for corridor doors and other doors that require a pushing or pulling mechanism for opening and closing the door.
  12. They come in a dozen varieties each having its unique mechanism.

Even the door lockset is available in many premium varieties. Some of these are:

  1. Privacy lockset:
  2. Bathrooms, bedrooms, and special office rooms where entry is restricted often use privacy locksets.
  3. In the absence of an external clock, it can only be opened from the inside.
  4. However, all privacy locksets have an emergency key.
  5. Passage lockset:
  6. These are usually latch-free and do not get locked from either side of the door.
  7. These are generally used to create passages inside the house and hence, are seldom locked.
  8. Keyed lockset:
  9. This one installs a locking mechanism on both sides.
  10. It can have both a key and a button to lock or unlock the door.

There are also non-functional dummy locksets that are put in place on cabinets and closet doors to allow their opening but do not work on any form of the latching mechanism. There are hundreds of functional, convenient, and attractive hardware available for doors that you can select as per your preference and requirements.

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