Many people enter the CBD world and find it overwhelming with the amount of terminology associated with Cannabidiol. It is easy to get mixed up or lost in the verbosity. CBD is extracted from hemp and is a type of cannabinoid that offers therapeutic benefits without the concerns of getting euphoric or high. Hemp is also a type of cannabis plant like marijuana, but has a high level of CBD compound and a negligible amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that is responsible for the high.

Marijuana extracts generally contain high THC or the ratio with CBD can be 1:1, while hemp extract includes 0.3% THC only and more of non-psychoactive CBD compound. If you want a legal product then choose hemp extracts because they are approved on the state level. At Express Smoke Shop, you can buy a variety of products includingĀ bubbler pipe, oil cartridges, vape pens and even CBD for treating pets. You can acquire high-quality CBD products at affordable rates.

CBD Extract Types

Full-spectrum CBD

When the extract contains every phytochemical found naturally in the plant including CBD, traces of THC, essential oils, and terpenes, then it is called full-spectrum. The full-spectrum extract acquired from hemp holds negligible THC content. As the extract holds a full spectrum of active compounds, the health benefits amplify. This phenomenon is called an entourage effect.

Remember that, even if the product is full-spectrum CBD extract, it can give false positives in a drug test. This happens if your daily usage of CBD hemp-based full-spectrum oil is more. If you desire to avoid this then choose the broad-spectrum extract.


  • Users enjoy the entourage effect
  • Least processed
  • Includes flavonoids and terpenes for extra health benefits


  • Possibility of showing in drug test is high
  • Carries strong aroma and flavor of hemp

Broad-spectrum CBD

The hemp-based broad-spectrum CBD extract includes cannabidiol along with other compounds except for THC. It is removed after initial extraction. The broad-spectrum extract contains terpenes, multiple active cannabinoids, and essential oils, it generates an entourage effect [without THC].

Broad-spectrum CBD extract is a category that falls between the Full spectrum and CBD isolate category. It has the entire cannabinoids spectrum except for THC.


  • Full entourage effect benefits
  • No psychoactive risks
  • Less processed than CBD Isolate


  • Less available
  • Less researched
  • Can carry the strong flavor of hemp

CBD Isolate

It is the purest form that contains only CBD in an isolated form. All the cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes, and THC are eliminated. Isolates are 99% pure, which means 1gm powder is equal to 990mg of CBD. You cannot experience the entourage effect.


  • Most concentrated form
  • Odorless
  • Flavorless
  • Highly versatile
  • No concerns of getting high
  • Easily pass a drug test
  • Safe


  • Does not offer entourage effect benefits.

Users prescribed to take high CBD doses or sensitive to THC can prefer the flavorless CBD Isolate product.

Many factors determine the cannabis spectrum. Your weight, metabolism, lifestyle, and history with substances can influence how you respond to the different cannabinoid types. Some users may find broad-spectrum CBD helpful because it offers an entourage effect, while a few may alleviate their pain symptoms with high CBD Isolate dosage. There are also users, who need THC to experience the difference. Which option to choose needs trial and error?


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