CBD offers a huge strength to health and therapies for healing. Its safe composition and non-addictive characteristics make it appealing. Cannabidiol is one out of 100 components available in the cannabis Sativa plant. This plant belongs to the marijuana group.

Initially, FDA didn’t approve CBD products because of its species classification. However, later with medical science, it was proved that CBD has various therapeutic benefits as long as it is not combined with THC which is another component found in cannabis Sativa. THC leaves a psychoactive effect that makes a person high. Hence, FDA-approved CBD products contain only 0.3% or less of THC. You will now find CBD in not only capsules and oil, but also in edibles and skincare products.

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For CBD to be effective it has to reach the endocannabinoid system of the body. The ECS regulates the mind and body. If there is any deficiency in ECS it affects your mind and imbalances the regulation of mind and body, which results in various mental and physical disorders. Hence, CBD helps in regulating the ECS system. This means it will first get absorbed in the bloodstream which is known as bioavailability.

On the other hand, there is another method called bioequivalence of CBD. In this process, the substance can be taken in another way, but the dosage needs to be equal. For example, 5mg of oil in a capsule isn’t equivalent to 5mg of vape oil. There is a small calculation that is done to create equal dosages for different products.

Different Consumption Method of CBD Bioavailability

  • Edibles, capsules, and beverages, can be consumed orally through the mouth.  However, its bioavailability reduces because the substance has to pass through the digestive system, where it is broken down, before getting into the bloodstream.
  • Some products like CBD sprays, tinctures, and lozenges are consumed sublingually. They are kept under the tongue for few seconds and get absorbed in the bloodstream through the sublingual gland under the tongue.
  • Vaping and smoking CBD is another way of directly sending the CBD to the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system. It is a fast and effective method.
  • CBD topical is also good for the skin as it penetrates through the skin easily into the bloodstream. Still, it is slower than the above-mentioned methods.
  • CBD injections are 100% bioavailability as it directly enters the bloodstream. A study found that 20mg of intravenous CD had more effect and 100% bioavailability than 20mg of CBD inhalation.

Even though CBD is famous, it should not be taken without a doctor’s approval. It is a natural medicine which means it doesn’t have any side effects, but it might react with any medication like diabetes, asthma, etc. Prepare the first dosage in a small amount and increase with tolerance power.

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