More and more tourists prefer to stay in vacation rentals over hotels. For a more intimate and personal experience, you can stay at a condo/villa on the beach. Each property is unique, so the selection process can be different from that of a hotel. Here are 6 helpful tips from our travel professional to help you select the vacation rental you love.

1. Verify the Location

Double-check your vacation rental description to ensure it matches your expectations. Before you make any commitments, be sure to inquire about nearby restaurants and other services. Satellite views can often be misleading.

2. Understand the Difference between Beachfront Oceanfront & Waterfront

These words can often be used in the same sentence and can reveal important information about the property’s geographical location. Beachfront can be defined as being on a sandy coastline and having easy access to the water. Oceanfront can be used as a description of properties that offer spectacular views but are on the “Iron shore”, which is rocky, and often dangerous or hard to enter. Waterfront properties often are found in lagoons and inlets which have stunning views but aren’t on the beach.

3. Use a Truly Respected Platform

While there are many vacation rentals sites out there, very few have a long track record. Trusted booking sites Direct can help you avoid scams and vacation rental fraud. You should also choose to pay by credit card as it is the most secure option.

4. Look at Reviews

Look around. A well-established vacation rental business will have reviews from guests to accompany the property description. You will find information about the property, but reviews will reveal more about the experience of guests, the community, and the staff.

5. Study Services and Amenities

Each vacation rental property provides a different set of services. For guests staying in condos or villas, there will be housekeeping and basic internet. Additional services such as laundry, cooks, and massage may not always be available or are expensive. You need high-speed internet and A/C. For a seamless stay, communicate any special requirements with the property hosts to avoid any communication difficulties.

6. Read the Legal Rental Agency

Once you confirm your reservation, you’ll receive a rental agreement that contains important details about the property. This document contains important information such as cancellation policies, payment terms, number of guests, driving directions, house rules, check-in, and checkout instructions, as well details about the property.

7. Research Local Weather Patterns

You don’t need to be an expert meteorologist. But understanding the seasonal climate will allow you to give a better forecast of what your stay will look like. Ask your host if there are any particular times you would like to visit the whale shark viewing tour or turtle nesting seasons.

These are top tips to help you choose a vacation property.

Write down a list detailing what is essential and desirable. – If there are certain items that you absolutely must have, such as a pool, large kitchen, or outside space, Do Not Let It Go! It is possible to have all the things you want, but they won’t make or break your stay.

It is important to do your homework about the locality. Do not assume that the property’s description is correct. It is important to know the exact distance from the nearest facilities, attractions, and beaches. These details can make it difficult to plan your trip. Do your research so that you can enjoy your visit.

Browse a variety of customer reviews. Look out for common themes among reviews like cleanliness, decor, or neighbors. You don’t need to have one bad review to cancel your booking. But if you see a pattern of complaints, it might be worth reconsidering. Other customers might post photos in reviews. Check these against the property‚Äôs official photos.

Assess the process of booking. This will ensure that you are comfortable with the website and make your vacation more enjoyable. If it is confusing or has many steps, you may have doubts about its quality. Ask questions and inquire. Your answers will show how well the property is managed.

Get ready for your trip. To ensure you are prepared for your trip, use a travel organizer. It can store all documentation, including property details, directions, and other details. It’s safe, stylish, and convenient to keep all of your travel items.

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