Lil HYBRID is a certain tobacco heating system with some unique vaping capabilities. This device warms tobacco sticks as well as saturates the aerosol with certain aromatic vapour from a distinct cartridge. South Korea, a place of creativity and great devices, provided us with this technology.

On one hand, Lil Hybrid has preserved the ritual for smokers and also users of tobacco heating equipment. The device will heat a natural tobacco stick. A 14-puff session is the maximum amount of puffs that can be used in a single sitting (on an average, one cigarette is sufficient for a similar amount).

This device, on the other hand, boasts a slew of new functions.From the website of you can buy them.

For starters, Lil Hybrid’s cartridge fluid produces plenty of aerosol. More than tobacco heating devices, but not so much like vaping.

Second, the device’s hybrid technology allows you to produce tastes that are not possible to achieve by just heating the stick. You may control the amount of fruity scent, tobacco, and menthol in the flavour by mixing and matching different liquids and sticks.

Do you desire a fruity scent without the menthol, even if you cannot detect the tobacco behind it? Better try a regular tobacco stick with a fruit or berry cartridge instead of the standard tobacco.

Replace the MiiX Regular sticks by using fruity MiiX Mix sticks if you want an even stronger fruit flavour with a hint of menthol freshness. Do you prefer pure tobacco with a high level of aerosol? Toss into plain tobacco sticks.

Finally, there is no need to clean the little Hybrid. Because this gadget does not have any heating element, the sticks must be designed specifically for it.

The tobacco remains “hidden” inside the stick and sealed with filter rings on both sides. As a result, the tobacco will not contact the heating chamber, will not stay inside the device, and will not contaminate it.

There is not even a cleaning brush included with the little Hybrid. It is simply unnecessary. But, just if we included dry cotton swabs and any plastic hairpin in the packaging (in case you observe condensation from steam within the gadget) by inserting suddenly the stick so that the lower portion of the filter will get stuck in the device – even the hairpin can help you to get it out ).

Finally, the flavoured vapour of electronic cigarettes is more important than the aerosol Lil Hybrid’s light and pleasant scent.

Lil Hybrid also has a unique appearance, as if it were a futuristic device. The LED indicators have been replaced by an OLED display. It displays the charge level, the number of puffs remaining till the session ends, and the amount of liquid left in your cartridge, as well as useful advice.

The device is controlled without the need for buttons. Insert your cartridge and press the button, the heating process will begin automatically.


For obvious reasons, this system is fascinating. It is a brand-new concept to combine a vape and also a tobacco heating device.

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